Marmaris man believes that sex is the original sin but he hires Russian escorts in Mumbai nonetheless

Gamliel Epstein is a Turkish gentleman from the popular coastal city called Marmaris. It is a stunning city like no other in Turkey. Turkey is home to some of the most beautiful cities, towns and villages in the world but nothing comes close to Marmaris in my arrogant opinion.

Gamliel is 35 and never married. Gamliel very firmly believes that recreational sex is the greatest sin and our suffering is a result of the sin of Adam and Eve which was the same. Yes, he claims that they had recreational sex despite the strong warning of the Yahweh. Although Gamliel believes so, he cannot get enough of hiring Russian escort in Mumbai whenever he is there. After having a sex spree with those Russian girls in Mumbai, he repents after returning to Turkey but he does it again nonetheless.

One of Gamliel’s best friends who is of the same age has lost most of the hair on his head and Gamliel claims that it is the result of excessive recreational sex. Gamliel first lectured him and then showed him tons of hair transplant before and after male pictures.

This friend of Gamliel whom we will call Yacov here, has already booked an appointment with Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T for the hair transplant.

Yacov claims that education is an outdated institution and all you need is Google. I just hope that Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu didn’t complete his education through Google, lol. I wonder would this guy go for a hair transplant to someone who got educated through Google and no medical school or institution.

Yacov has a petite wife who feels very envious of the women with hourglass bodies. She feels even more envious of the women whose husbands have a head full of glowing and thick hair which is very rare.

Yacov owns 2 penthouses and before getting married he only used to date air-hostesses and that’s when he found his current wife.

This Japanese-American man loves Israeli escorts

Rupali Mehta is an Indian woman living in the United States for the past 8 years. Rupali hates miserable and poor Indians, she claims that they are themselves responsible for what is happening to them.

Rupali and her husband Hiroji who is of Japanese origin have enjoyed little honeymoons with each other all over the world including New York, Tokyo, Goa, Mumbai, Paris, Venice, Tel Aviv, Dubai, you name it.

The attraction between Rupali and Hiroji wasn’t initially sexual and it wasn’t so until the first 6 months of their marriage but suddenly Rupali hit the prime of her sexuality and she made Hiroji realize somehow that he needs to do something about his size or they will either have to separate or Rupali will have to find another solution (calling male escorts when he is away, have boyfriends and make Hiroji a cuckold).

Hiroji looked for the solution all over the internet, tried several different techniques mentioned on a popular forum that goes by the name PEGym, applied several different lotions and stuff like that but nothing worked. He then by accident one day stumbled upon a penile implant video and said to himself that this is it. Since then, Hiroji’s sex life isn’t limited to his wife but he gets to have fun with some of the Best Israel Escort.

Earlier it used to be Hiroji who had to convince Rupali in the night but since Hiroji got the penile implant done, it is Rupali who convinces him each night because she is now too much addicted to Hiroji’s newfound manhood that she can’t put herself to sleep unless she enjoys a ride to heaven. Hiroji never lets her fantasies vanish, he does his best to fulfill them and he gets successful each time in doing so.

Dad doesn’t let daughters wear tight yoga pants, is not aware that they both are escorts

I remember having one night stand with a woman who asked me once for the directions on the street. I told her that I was going there as well and instead of taking her there, I took her to my own home and she knew very well what was up, my dick was up and her pussy was wet, we fucked all night and in the day when she told me that she wants to leave now, I told her “No, there’s more.” She asked “What?” I told her that I wanted to play a game of cricket with her. She liked the idea and we played the game of cricket afterwards.

I would describe this woman’s ass as two basketballs and her boobs as two volleyballs. I enjoyed playing with those basketballs and those volleyballs thoroughly and if you subscribe to my blog, I assure you that you will learn to score such opportunities as well.

I have a crazy older friend who doesn’t ever allow his daughters to wear yoga pants at home. He says that he is an ass lover and his daughters’ big butt gets him hard as fuck. I recently saw 2 of his daughters on an Escort Directory and I am pretty sure that if I show their pictures to him on that Escort Directory, the old man is going to have a heart attack. Well, anyways, I am going to hire both the chicks and surprise them with the size of my dick and my stamina. I am also going to blackmail both the chicks afterwards to fuck them for free otherwise I am going to tell their dad that they both are escorts and I have got enough proof to do the same. I am also thinking about making a movie of my adventure with them for my dick’s good use.

Wealthy Air-Craft Leaser claims that Asian women are more fun and reliable than their Euro counterparts

I have a female friend who teaches in school. She is an expert in tantric and karezza sex. Her husband is a wealthy multi-millionaire who owns a company that leases and charters small aircrafts. He is also an expert in karezza and tantric sex. Their bedroom is more like a battlefield than the lovefield, whoever cums during sex is considered a loser.

Both the husband and wife believe in free love and sex. She believes in black magic and claims to have done the black magic hypnosis on several handsome men in the clubs and fucked them.

He claims to have had fun with several different British women. He says that those British women are just like the British cars – hot, beautiful and fun but unreliable. He prefers Asian women over European women any day of the years and that’s the reason why he watches nothing but Asian MILF Videos. His wife also has some Asian blood in her.

He believes that the warmer the privates of a woman are, the more of a wife-material she is, he brags that is one of the reasons why he married this teacher friend of mine.

This teacher friend of mine claims that the puppets of the governments in the mainstream media (Joe Rogan included), have been trying to popularize marijuana by trying to tell us that marijuana offers nothing but benefits, so that they can make the masses brainless and mindless sex maniacs and control us with ease like never before.

She also claims that psychedelics help you in become a lifelong celibate, examples include Hindu Holy Men, Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha.

Pimping made this awkward and highly sexual friend of mine rich enough to become a top industrialist

I have an industrialist friend whom I would call Scotty here, says that it is a pity that they have found the cure for all sorts of cancers but they haven’t been able to create a pill that whence taken, can give an erection within an instance and make you last for as long as you want to without any sort of side-effects. He claims to have used several different sprays and says that they are all decent but not something that can make you last for as long as you want. His personal favorite used to be Stud 5000.

Scotty tells all of us to never trust a woman with a big ass, likes to give the example of the Hispanic women.

Scotty brags that in his younger days, he used to be a pimp and that’s where he made enough money to become an industrialist. Scotty estimates that an average hooker goes by 10 cocks on an average day.

Scotty brags that he pimped several escorts to Dr Phil when he was a pimp. Scotty claims that Dr Phil likes nothing but black escorts for personal pleasure and he mostly hires duos. Scotty says that once when he took a pair of two stunning real life sister black escorts to Dr Phil, Dr Phil was so happy that he tipped him with 3000 US Dollars.

Scotty is not involved in the escort industry anymore, but he claims that he feels highly for it. Scotty believes that any modern escort service that doesn’t accept cryptocurrency, should be considered as backward and outdated.

Scotty claims that women that eat only plant based diets are better fucks overall. Scotty says that he has been trying to know why is it so, but hasn’t been able to discover yet.

Scotty brags that as soon as he gets home and his kids aren’t there, she screams “rev up your big cock”, which none of his friends believe but we nod and laugh like we really do believe him to make him feel happy.

Scotty never gets tired of repeating “The women that belong to the cold regions have a hot and sensitive pussy and the ones that belong to the hot regions have an even hotter and more sensitive pussies.”

Scotty has a large library of sexual books at his home which he and his wife read every night before they actually get to have the action.

Scotty is an outspoken critic of the incest porn, especially daddy-daughter porn, he claims that the incest porn is responsible for destroying several families and relationships.