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We need more free sex advocating NGOs that can really set an example. I believe that a NGO which is completely run and operated by the nudists, where each and every employee is a nudist is only capable of changing the world when it comes to taking away the stupid biases that most people have against free sex and sexuality in general.

I was in Zambia last month and it really amazed me to see how big of visionaries and dreamers the Zambian people are in general. The Zambians are just the victims of bad times and I really have the belief and hope that such times aren’t gonna last for long. Some messiah is going to roll the dice in Zambia real soon.

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I used to be a loner who never had many friends in the school though some of the most popular kids wanted to be friends with me but I wasn’t interested in any of that.

It came surprising to me that although swinging has become a very common practice by now, only about 18% of the couples indulge in the same worldwide.

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It is my personal observation and belief that the Japanese women become more beautiful as they age and the more babies they pop out of their sweet vaginas and that’s the reason why the Japanese MILF porn is so much more popular than any other MILF porn.

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Here is a tip for the single men here. Women with hoarse voices love to ride a horse, one such example is the top Spanish pornstar – Bridgette B.

I personally believe that the GILF genre will be one of the most popular porn genres by 2022, looking at the growing popularity of the GILFs in the porn business and how the porn industry destroyed the MILF genre by casting 20 year old women as MILFs, which is funny and sad at the same time.

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I have always been against the Catholic Church and their policies. I believe that if the Catholic chiefs and the priests don’t stop emphasizing the so-called importance of chastity, celibacy and modern in sex, their days are about to over.

Recently, a friend of mine told me that the testosterone levels in the men and the estrogen levels in the women have been on a constant rise since 1944 and it is a conspiracy by the religions to make the people sexually suppressed, so that the common people remain dumb and the religions could keep ruling over them.

This friend of mine’s brother-in-law stayed a celibate for 2 complete years, only to get prostate cancer. Since then both these men have been all out against the Catholic church.

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He claims that he is certain that his wife never cheated on him when he is away on a business trip although he cheats on her all the time and she is suspicious of it. He says that his wife has a dildo phobia and she uses nothing but her fingers and Vaseline when he is not around.

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“Gay men smile and laugh a little more than their so-called straight counterparts”, said a prominent gay fashion designer to me.

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I have personally interviewed the man who was the first one to create a Youtube channel targeted on gay men. He told me that highly creative people are required to be happy and gay and that’s the reason why we see so many creative gay fashion designers all the time and lastly he told me that they refer to gay men as such because each and every gay man that he ever met was extremely happy all the time for no reason including George Michael of Wham.

I personally believe that more men in different cultures of the world are homosexuals than we will ever come to know. Two things that I can say for certain about the gay men are that they are superior to their straight counterparts and they prefer a big dick to a big sausage any day of the year.

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I believe that the only sin in this world that you can commit is to suppress and repress your sexuality and it marks all the celibate priests as prime-sinners in my dictionary.

I am a pro-sex-knowledge as well and I believe that there is no such thing as too much ‘sex knowledge’.

I prophesize that there will be sex schools all over the first-world nations by the financial year 2050 and all over the world by the year 2100. I also believe that there will not be room for the tantric schools that have been practicing their monkey business in the rich first world to rob the people out of their money once that happens.

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I am amazed at the popularity of the adult businesses. Sex really sells. The adult magazines still being so popular is the greatest proof of it. Most other magazines have gone out of the business and with the current technology and other things, adult magazines should have been the first form of magazines to go out of the business but they are still popular while most other niche of magazines have gone bankrupt or about to be so.

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