Mechanic spends more time chatting with LiveJasmin models than he does fixing cars and he likes to refer to Boobs as ‘Airbags’

I have a mechanic friend who told his girlfriend that her breasts are just like 2 big airbags and she loved it. He is always checking out the airbags of other women on LiveJasmin whenever he is not with her, sleeping or fixing a car. A couple of days ago, he wrote an evaluation of […]

Watching this eBay stealth seller fucking his tattooed wife is like watching tattoo porn by Brazzers’ top pornstars

One of my good friends is Conrad, a full-time eBay seller, who owns more than 100 eBay steal accounts and makes over $100, 000 a month with those. The first thing that Conrad sold on the eBay was a Chessboard, which joyed him so much that he left his job at the Sears and became […]

Wealthy Businessman from Orlando believes that they should recruit more women with unhealthy hearts in the Porn Movies

I have a wealthy friend who is married to an ebony heiress from the New York City. He says that he loves it when his ebony wife’s ebony butt shines taking a sun tan on the beach, which she regularly does to make it more shiny and black. He says that her butt shines in […]

The most important person in India prefers Chaturbate over HQ porn

I have a friend who happens to be a politician and a businessman. This friend of mine claims that the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi, had a threesome sex with 2 hot and voluptuous Muslim-Arab chicks right after giving that speech on the Madison Square Garden, New York, in the September of […]

It is Russian vs American vs Asian porn and the winner is

I lived in Russia for 6 years in my early 30s and while I was there, I had tons of fun with the Russian chicks, especially the village ones. Those Russian village girls are more freakish than any mainstream American pornstar. Those American pornstars are overrated as fuck and while there is not much Russian […]