I volunteer for my most favorite American Exotic Dancers Company and they don’t even know about it yet

We need more free sex advocating NGOs that can really set an example. I believe that a NGO which is completely run and operated by the nudists, where each and every employee is a nudist is only capable of changing the world when it comes to taking away the stupid biases that most people have against free sex and sexuality in general.

I was in Zambia last month and it really amazed me to see how big of visionaries and dreamers the Zambian people are in general. The Zambians are just the victims of bad times and I really have the belief and hope that such times aren’t gonna last for long. Some messiah is going to roll the dice in Zambia real soon.

I recently won a couple of thousand dollars with online betting and spent it all on buying Facebook fans for my most favorite exotic dancers company. I believe that I owed it to them for saving my life twice when I was considering committing a suicide but rather ended up hiring some of their strippers both the times only to realize how beautiful the life really is.

I used to be a loner who never had many friends in the school though some of the most popular kids wanted to be friends with me but I wasn’t interested in any of that.

It came surprising to me that although swinging has become a very common practice by now, only about 18% of the couples indulge in the same worldwide.

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