Busty Indian Lesbian Pornstar Escort wins more than she earns

Maya Rajput is the essence of femininity with a warm personality, and she has a way of making you feel very comfortable and relaxed in her company. She is real, natural 34 C breasted, 5’9″ tall, a very rare and exotic beauty in the busty lesbians scene. Maya is the perfect choice for the gentlemen […]

Top Bosses secretly wank to the Lingerie Porn like there’s no tomorrow

I asked her to give me a chance to fuck her with her lingerie on, she rejected the offer so I had to turn to the lingerie porn. Carlos Ghosn, Ex-Nissan Boss I have a wealthy friend who owns an automotive parts manufacturing company which regularly supplies to Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi. This friend of […]

The Natural Indian Busty Beauty Reena is the New Queen of Xhamster

I recently completed writing a parody book for the popular motivational speaker and author – Brian Tracy’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’, named ‘Fuck and Grow Rich’, mainly targeted on pornstars, escorts, sugar-babies and trophy-wives. Now, I am busy writing a book for men. In the book, one of the things that I have mentioned is […]

Over 50% of the alternatives to LiveJasmin are as good if not better than the LiveJasmin itself

Do you know that homosexual male strippers are far more popular with the homosexual men than they are with the straight women? Just like male cam models are far more popular with gay men than they are with straight women and the statistics of alternatives to livejasmin are the proof. Do you also have an […]

Busty lesbian women are plenty but the one that I saw in this porn movie was really something else

I recently met a brothel owner from India in Dallas, Texas, at a party, who was extremely proud of owning one of the most profit generating and largest brothels in the nation of India. She told me that she started out as a common sex worker in one of the government brothels of India and […]

I volunteer for my most favorite American Exotic Dancers Company and they don’t even know about it yet

We need more free sex advocating NGOs that can really set an example. I believe that a NGO which is completely run and operated by the nudists, where each and every employee is a nudist is only capable of changing the world when it comes to taking away the stupid biases that most people have […]