More pornstar escorts all over the western world than ever before

“Hot as an oven,

Wears nothing but clothes that are handwoven,

I want all my friends to know her,

She is so modern,

iPod and iPhone,

She keeps those in her pockets,

When she sits on you her speed is that of a rocket,

She isn’t interested in marrying,

She just escorts it.”

I wrote this song after meeting this long-legged escort girl with a beautiful firm ass whom I believe I saw in a mall before and she was the greatest attraction for me there as well. I just didn’t have an idea back then that she was an escort.

She was so hot that I felt like cumming when I hold her in my arms.

Anyways, this chick also reminded me of a Sikh woman that I dated in the past. I gotta say one thing though and that is that all Sikh women are great fucks.

I recently offered the Indian pornstar – Maya Rati, 5000 US Dollars for just one fuck after watching her porn pics free porn videos, but she refused the offer.

I have had the luck of having fun with a lot of Canadian and American pussies in the past and I must say that there is something about the Canadian pussies that makes them far superior to their American counterparts when it comes to the sensation they generate.

I am really surprised that the cam models, adult models, escorts and pornstars are more educated now than ever before which is definitely a good sign for the industries they are involved in and for a happier world.

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