If you like Phoenix Marie’s Booty, you would love Big Booty Mania

I have partook several times in the NoFap challenge aka the Ultimate Challenge, only to discover each time that is nothing more than a placebo. I have several friends of mine partaking in the same stupid challenge as well and they also have the same opinion about it. If watching porn is an addiction, it is definitely a good one. I know for certain that the creator of NoFap – Alexander Rhodes jacks off to the porn each night before falling asleep.

I met Phoenix Marie, the big booty pornstar at a party once, she offered me a free fuck, because she liked me. How could I say no? I would have been an idiot to do so. So, all the time when she gave me the blowjob, she kept spitting on my dick, I still wonder where does she get so much of saliva from. Yesterday, I wanted to watch some of her latest and oldest videos and I discovered that no other website has a better variety of her videos than the Big Booty Mania.

Each of the pornstars that I have personally met, preferred a Dodge over a Chevrolet or Ford. I watch Scotty Kilmer’s videos regularly and I wonder what would his reaction be to it. I sent him a message telling the same but he never gave me an answer back. Hell, I was listening to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast with Brock Lesnar and Brock also said that he is a Dodge guy. I don’t know whom to listen when it comes to the cars, but I can completely rely upon one website called Big Booty Mania when it comes to the free porn.

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