This doggystyle freak is a Mantak Chia fan who pities the guys that cum too fast

Jose Trevino never fucks a woman when she is in a rush as he is a Karezza guy. He says that he ends up cumming too fast (within less than 45 minutes) when the woman is in a rush and he doesn’t enjoy a minute of their sexual escapade in that condition. Jose brags that […]

Doctors, lawyers and teachers from all over the world performing at live sex cams, dreams really come true

I remember talking to three different cam models on a live sex cam site that were all looked very much alike and I thought that they were three great friends until they told me that they are triplets. I also remember talking to a group of five girls on the same website that all performed […]

More pornstar escorts all over the western world than ever before

“Hot as an oven, Wears nothing but clothes that are handwoven, I want all my friends to know her, She is so modern, iPod and iPhone, She keeps those in her pockets, When she sits on you her speed is that of a rocket, She isn’t interested in marrying, She just escorts it.” I wrote […]

If you like Phoenix Marie’s Booty, you would love Big Booty Mania

I have partook several times in the NoFap challenge aka the Ultimate Challenge, only to discover each time that is nothing more than a placebo. I have several friends of mine partaking in the same stupid challenge as well and they also have the same opinion about it. If watching porn is an addiction, it […]