Dad doesn’t let daughters wear tight yoga pants, is not aware that they both are escorts

I remember having one night stand with a woman who asked me once for the directions on the street. I told her that I was going there as well and instead of taking her there, I took her to my own home and she knew very well what was up, my dick was up and her pussy was wet, we fucked all night and in the day when she told me that she wants to leave now, I told her “No, there’s more.” She asked “What?” I told her that I wanted to play a game of cricket with her. She liked the idea and we played the game of cricket afterwards.

I would describe this woman’s ass as two basketballs and her boobs as two volleyballs. I enjoyed playing with those basketballs and those volleyballs thoroughly and if you subscribe to my blog, I assure you that you will learn to score such opportunities as well.

I have a crazy older friend who doesn’t ever allow his daughters to wear yoga pants at home. He says that he is an ass lover and his daughters’ big butt gets him hard as fuck. I recently saw 2 of his daughters on an Escort Directory and I am pretty sure that if I show their pictures to him on that Escort Directory, the old man is going to have a heart attack. Well, anyways, I am going to hire both the chicks and surprise them with the size of my dick and my stamina. I am also going to blackmail both the chicks afterwards to fuck them for free otherwise I am going to tell their dad that they both are escorts and I have got enough proof to do the same. I am also thinking about making a movie of my adventure with them for my dick’s good use.

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