Wealthy Air-Craft Leaser claims that Asian women are more fun and reliable than their Euro counterparts

I have a female friend who teaches in school. She is an expert in tantric and karezza sex. Her husband is a wealthy multi-millionaire who owns a company that leases and charters small aircrafts. He is also an expert in karezza and tantric sex. Their bedroom is more like a battlefield than the lovefield, whoever cums during sex is considered a loser.

Both the husband and wife believe in free love and sex. She believes in black magic and claims to have done the black magic hypnosis on several handsome men in the clubs and fucked them.

He claims to have had fun with several different British women. He says that those British women are just like the British cars – hot, beautiful and fun but unreliable. He prefers Asian women over European women any day of the years and that’s the reason why he watches nothing but Asian MILF Videos. His wife also has some Asian blood in her.

He believes that the warmer the privates of a woman are, the more of a wife-material she is, he brags that is one of the reasons why he married this teacher friend of mine.

This teacher friend of mine claims that the puppets of the governments in the mainstream media (Joe Rogan included), have been trying to popularize marijuana by trying to tell us that marijuana offers nothing but benefits, so that they can make the masses brainless and mindless sex maniacs and control us with ease like never before.

She also claims that psychedelics help you in become a lifelong celibate, examples include Hindu Holy Men, Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha.

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