Mechanic spends more time chatting with LiveJasmin models than he does fixing cars and he likes to refer to Boobs as ‘Airbags’

I have a mechanic friend who told his girlfriend that her breasts are just like 2 big airbags and she loved it. He is always checking out the airbags of other women on LiveJasmin whenever he is not with her, sleeping or fixing a car. A couple of days ago, he wrote an evaluation of LiveJasmin and sent the link to me to see if I agree with his evaluation, I told him that I do agree with it 100% although I hadn’t read a word of it, lol. It was too long, longer than the longest dick on the world, lol.

When I was a teenager in the early 1980s, I always thought that the song ‘Rio’ by most favorite Male Dominated English band – Duran Duran is a vulgar sexuality related song, but after growing up a bit, I found out that it wasn’t, but I wonder if it were one, it would sound like below:-

“Fucking on the floor now whore you’re a bird of paradise

You smile while I pop your cherry I know it’s very nice

With my left hand on your one tit and the other on the right you really look your best tonight

You know your pussy is something special and so is your chest.

Her name is fuckdoll and she dances on the dick

Just like that Phoenix Marie she likes it thick and big

And when she strips she gets butt naked as slow as she can

Oh my sexy fuckdoll, I am gonna make you dance as much as I can.

I’ve seen you on the beach and I’ve seen you on those escort ads

Two sexy ladies it means so much to me

Like a fuckday or a bluechew

But then I am sure that you know it’s just for you.

Hey now woo look at that her juggs are even more round

At the end of the ride my baby-batter arrives

I feel more alive, alive alive

I’ll take a glance to see if it is chunky or something

I know what you’re thinking I tell you one thing

I know you are going to another hotel room for another fucking.”

‘Fuckdoll’ by Healer, a parody to Duran Duran’s ‘Rio’

Watching this eBay stealth seller fucking his tattooed wife is like watching tattoo porn by Brazzers’ top pornstars

One of my good friends is Conrad, a full-time eBay seller, who owns more than 100 eBay steal accounts and makes over $100, 000 a month with those.

The first thing that Conrad sold on the eBay was a Chessboard, which joyed him so much that he left his job at the Sears and became a full-time eBay seller with some loan from the bank and money borrowed from the friends and the family. only to find the eBay suspending his selling account forever only after 22 days on a weird suspicion, and no matter how much he tried to clarify himself and how many documents he provided to them, they wouldn’t reinstate his account, which led him to discover a thing called ‘stealth eBay accounts’ and making more money than he even dreamed of, with merely using dropshippers.

Conrad has made millions within 4.5 years of discovering stealth accounts and is now considering having his own action figure manufacturing unit. He loves kids and that’s the reason why he prioritizes selling toys, action figures, kids’ clothing, etc.

As much as Conrad loves kids, his tattooed wife loves sex, she doesn’t want a break from it and that’s the reason why she doesn’t plan to have kids anytime soon. They both fuck like crazy, it is like watching tattoo porn, I know this because he sent me a couple of his sex clips with his wife, I really enjoyed jerking off to those.

Conrad writes on his personal blog that sex excites him as much as receiving ten bulk orders simultaneously on the eBay.

Conrad hates Amazon, he says that Amazon is as overrated as the Silicone women.

Wealthy Businessman from Orlando believes that they should recruit more women with unhealthy hearts in the Porn Movies

I have a wealthy friend who is married to an ebony heiress from the New York City. He says that he loves it when his ebony wife’s ebony butt shines taking a sun tan on the beach, which she regularly does to make it more shiny and black. He says that her butt shines in a very similar way whenever the sun rays or the rays of a bulb get on it.

This wealthy friend of mine used to own a nice and popular jewelers shop in the Windermere neighborhood of the Orlando, Florida, where he would be present all times and never missed a chance to confront an attractive woman at his shop. Unfortunately, the shop had to be shut down soon, because he very closely checked the hands, wrists and a couple other things of a woman married to one of the most powerful and dangerous man in the Orlando city and took her smile as an affirmation that she wanted to spend some good time with him. He went to her house believing that he was going to get some real life XXX Videos like action, but instead he got his ass kicked badly and also his shop shut down forever.

This wealthy friend of mine thinks of himself as some sort of sex-guru. He claims that women with some sort of heart disease are more freakish in bed and more open to try different positions in a single session, including the ones they never were tried before. He also adds that they like it stiffer and larger than their so-called healthy-heart counterparts.

The most important person in India prefers Chaturbate over HQ porn

I have a friend who happens to be a politician and a businessman. This friend of mine claims that the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi, had a threesome sex with 2 hot and voluptuous Muslim-Arab chicks right after giving that speech on the Madison Square Garden, New York, in the September of 2014. And then immediately, he went to a Hindu temple without even taking a shower after committing promiscuity. He says that Indians are extremely stupid to have chosen this dude who looks very much like a Langoor as their Prime Minister, who pretends to be the most innocent guy on earth and also a celibate.

He also believes that if some of his die hard fans, who almost treat him as a god, come to learn that Modi perhaps fucks nothing other than Muslim pussies, their respect for Modi will even increase as they are mostly Anti-Muslim fanatics.

I asked this friend of mine about how come he knows all this, he replied that one of the security guys who was with Modi back then, is a good friend of his and he is the one who told him about all this.

I wonder how big Modi’s dick really is, because his wife left him after only 2 years of marriage, which is quite unusual in India.

I also wonder if Modi likes to sniff pussies a lot, because he has this weird looking nose, which gives me the feeling that it was made for sniffing pussies rather than breathing. Modi – The Pussy Breather not Breeder.

I wonder that if Modi is single and is never seen with girlfriend ever, not in India at least, then does he spend his nightlife jacking off to those girls on the Chaturbate or to the HD porn. I am trying my best to get in contact with him and ask this question to him personally.

It is Russian vs American vs Asian porn and the winner is

I lived in Russia for 6 years in my early 30s and while I was there, I had tons of fun with the Russian chicks, especially the village ones. Those Russian village girls are more freakish than any mainstream American pornstar. Those American pornstars are overrated as fuck and while there is not much Russian porn to watch around, there is tons of Asian porn on the internet, just go to the AsianSexDiary and see for yourself what I am talking about here. Those Asians know how to make the porn and their women don’t make annoying loud moans that are fake as fuck like those American women do.

I believe that the day is not far when 70% of the mainstream global pornstars will be Russian. In my personal opinion, Kayla Green has been doing a great job, but the mainstream porn viewers have no idea about how good the Russian chicks can really be. Just make a trip to any Russian village and fuck any hooker, they are plenty there, you just need to know how to find them.

I remember fucking this one Russian girl that I met in the Russian village called Baruta. I choked her while I was fucking her and stared all the time in her eyes without blinking at all while I was fucking her missionary, which got her extra wet.

I have been living in Los Angeles for a quite a while now and I don’t find the city much interesting anymore. The city has definitely lost its unique vibe and magnificence, and most of all, the hot all-natural chicks that it once used to have walking all over its streets.

Busty Indian Lesbian Pornstar Escort wins more than she earns

Maya Rajput is the essence of femininity with a warm personality, and she has a way of making you feel very comfortable and relaxed in her company. She is real, natural 34 C breasted, 5’9″ tall, a very rare and exotic beauty in the busty lesbians scene.

Maya is the perfect choice for the gentlemen who appreciate the finer things in life. A few of her characteristics are that she is elegant, sexy and a very easy person to get on with.

Gorgeous mixed raced leggy Maya, with a beautiful face to match her stunning personality, the girl is an escort with  a very high standard. With a gorgeous body to match her stunning looks, Maya is the perfect choice.

Maya has acted in a lot of porn movies as well and while she wants to marry so badly, she doesn’t want her future spouse to ever know what she used to do in the past.

Maya dismisses the studies done on pornography and its harmful effects on brain. She claims that it is a propaganda by the media and they are doing this to extort money out of the pornographers and producers.

Maya claims that watching pornography and not jerking off increases endorphins, dopamine, serotonin in the brain and stimulating yourself sexually raises testosterone like nothing else does.

Once Maya’s personal information on a social media website that I would not name here got divulged to a third party, since then she hasn’t been using social media at all.

Maya’s favorite hobby is gambling online and her current favorite is FIFA55. She wins more money betting than she does escorting.

Top Bosses secretly wank to the Lingerie Porn like there’s no tomorrow

I asked her to give me a chance to fuck her with her lingerie on, she rejected the offer so I had to turn to the lingerie porn.

Carlos Ghosn, Ex-Nissan Boss

I have a wealthy friend who owns an automotive parts manufacturing company which regularly supplies to Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi. This friend of mine told me that the Ex-Nissan Boss – Carlos Ghosn’s current wife – Carole, cannot live without sex for over 16-18 hours. This friend of mine shocked me when he told me that he used to fuck her all the time till she wasn’t married to Carlos and she is the one who recommended his company to Carlos, which Carlos, the kind of slave he is to the pussy, couldn’t reject the offer.

He shocked me even more when he told me that Carlos Ghosn used to masturbate all the time while he was in jail. The idea to escape the jail came to Carlos’s mind while he was surrounded by the guards and wasn’t in a position to take a wank.

My friend is more than happy that Carlos isn’t in the prison anymore and the kind of freak he is in the bed, as told to him by his wife Carole, he has been keeping Carole perfectly happy.

My friend told me that he tried to get closer to Carole while Carlos was in prison, but the circumstances couldn’t become idol and she was busy as a bee all the time as well.

For real, explaining gravity between a man and a woman is at least 10, 000 times as complex as defining the gravity of the earth.

The Natural Indian Busty Beauty Reena is the New Queen of Xhamster

I recently completed writing a parody book for the popular motivational speaker and author – Brian Tracy’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’, named ‘Fuck and Grow Rich’, mainly targeted on pornstars, escorts, sugar-babies and trophy-wives.

Now, I am busy writing a book for men. In the book, one of the things that I have mentioned is that the men must always give priority to hips over boobs, ass or cameltoe as the women with big hips are the best fucks. I have also mentioned in the book about how men can score rich women as their wives and live a luxurious life without having to worry about anything.

I have a friend since the college days. He hates the immigrants so much that he always says that they need to feature only the immigrant women in the watersports videos and face spitting videos. He says that he cannot ever get enough of watching the watersports and face spitting videos featuring the big busted Indian beauty – Reena on Xhamster. He further adds that they should only feature immigrant men in the domination porn videos where the male is the one who gets dominated, especially the ones that can cause permanent damage to the testicles of the man.

This friend of mine is a cancer survivor. He claims to have stayed celibate for over 4 years, only to get both liver and testicular cancer simultaneously. Now, he advocates for free sexuality between the nuns and monks around the world. He believes that monks and nuns are the most unfortunate people on the earth because the gift of sexuality is taken away from them.

Over 50% of the alternatives to LiveJasmin are as good if not better than the LiveJasmin itself

Do you know that homosexual male strippers are far more popular with the homosexual men than they are with the straight women? Just like male cam models are far more popular with gay men than they are with straight women and the statistics of alternatives to livejasmin are the proof.

Do you also have an idea that the only thing that women love more than the arguments is sex? If you are a straight male who doesn’t think so, then you are a bad performer in bed and you most likely do not know how bad you are in bed, because it is very unusual for a woman to love anything more than sex.

Before logging-in here, I was busy sharpening my sword watching JMac fucking one of my most favorite Latina MILFs ever – Kitana Flores. Although I enjoy watching these Cuban maid porn videos that have recently gain tremendous popularity, I personally find such videos extremely racist and I can say with certainty that bald dude – JMac is the biggest racist dude in the entire American mainstream porn industry, you can see it in his eyes when he is rough-fucking a colored woman. I believe that the producer deliberately casts him the most when it comes to the ‘Cuban Maid’ porn videos, so that the racists like JMac can enjoy watching such videos more.

I have been campaigning for free sex since the day I broke my virginity to a married MILF who lives just adjacent to my house and is notorious for cheating with random younger guys on her husband.

After meeting many strict religious, agnostic, atheist, pantheist people who have been campaigning against free sex very heavily, I have come to the conclusion that all those campaigning against free sex must be penalized heavily by the governments irrespective of their religious identity or anything similar. These people are enemies of the human race and humanity and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know this once you meet one of them.

Busty lesbian women are plenty but the one that I saw in this porn movie was really something else

I recently met a brothel owner from India in Dallas, Texas, at a party, who was extremely proud of owning one of the most profit generating and largest brothels in the nation of India. She told me that she started out as a common sex worker in one of the government brothels of India and as time went on, she kept climbing the ladder of the Indian sex industry and here she is, one of the richest self-made women in a nation of 1.4 billion people. She told me that her daughter studies and lives in Dallas, Texas only and she keeps coming to Dallas to meet her daughter. She also told me that her daughter is single and is looking for someone to date, she indirectly tried to ask me if I would be interested, I didn’t give any response and I am still confused about it. I took the number of her daughter though, I took it as an excuse that I will keep a check on her that she is all well in a foreign country. She was more than happy to give it to me. I have saved her daughter’s phone number in my phone and her Whatsapp profile picture just resembles the all-natural Indian beauty whom I saw in one of my most favorite busty lesbian porn video. I will not be surprised if she is the same girl, because the daughter of a proud brothel owner and a retired sex-worker is supposed to be a pornstar. The only thing that is keeping me from being certain about it is the fact that the woman in the porn video looked like she was in her mid-30s whereas the daughter of the brothel owner is only 26 years old.